Our Story


My Trendy Trailer was started by Karyss Bollen as a young Mom with HUGE dreams and shallow pockets.

After becoming a stay at home mom, Karyss realized she couldn't afford the trendy clothing, accessories, and home decor she admired, so... she decided to make it herself! She bought a few art supplies with $20 of monthly spending money, and turned it into beautiful, hand crafted items for her wardrobe and her home. She wasn't going to let a tiny budget stop her from enjoying things that showcased her vibrant personality and love of fashion. It wasn't long before friends, neighbors, and strangers were stopping her to ask where she got her gorgeous accessories, so she created My Trendy Trailer to give other women with big dreams and small pockets a chance to express themselves without breaking the bank.

Karyss built MTT from the ground up by designing affordable and fashionable accessories.  Her dream of empowering women has lead her to inspire and recruit women and men in her own community to be the hands behind the product she offers.  Today, all of My Trendy Trailer's products are hand made, catalogued, packaged, and shipped in the United States by a community of hard-working, inspirational individuals - just like you!